Rispet (first feature)

original title:


directed by:


Cecilia Bozza Wolf, Raffaele Pizzati Sertorelli


Michela Tomasi


Pierpaolo Filomeno








In post-production (25/04/2021)

'Rispet' tells about the winter that changes Nicola's existence. He works at his abusive father´s vineyars as winemaker. Spending most of his time alone, he enjoys singing loudly during the night. Because of this, Nicola is dubbed Corvaz, “black raven”, by the other villagers of his mountain hamlet. The villagers swear to be one big family. Quite the contrary, they are fragile and not brave enough to give a name to their inner feelings. Their life is run by rispet, a dialect word for honour and shame, which embodies a code of shared rules and a collective identity, intolerant of anything different. When Corvaz overhears that his mother committed suicide, his anger and pain find relief in his father's wine cellar and Mara, Denis's girlfriend and charming barista of the village. When Denis' best friend Luca kills Corvaz's dog in a punitive expedition, the well-being of the villagers falls into pieces: hate, grudges, forbidden love, grief and feelings of guilt explode in all their mighty power, forcing the community to show its desperate need for self-preservation. Corvaz, Mara, Luca, and Denis are obliged to take a crucial decision: to pursue happiness by letting their emotions explode or to side with the community, turning down themselves forever.