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Siddhartha (Noci sonanti)

Siddhartha (Noci sonanti)

original title:

Noci sonanti


YUK! film, realized with the contribution of Regione Marche - European Fund for Regional develope 2014 – 2020, Marche Culture Fundation, Marche Film Commission






film run:





Ready (25/03/2019)

festivals & awards:

  • Biografilm Festival 2019: Hera Nuovi Talenti
  • Dok Leipzig 2019: International Competition
  • Trento film festival 2020: Concorso internazionale
  • Film festival della Lessinia 2020: Concorso internazionale
  • ZagrebDox 2020: Regional Competition

At the end of the 80's, in the hills of Cupramontana, Fabrizio (65 years old) founded the "Sounding nutshells Tribe". Here, in an old farmhouse, he decided to live in communion with nature, without electricity and every other comfort, hosting those who wants to share the same lifestyle.

30 years later this film tells the story of a summer between Fabrizio and his son Siddharta (9), born in the tribe from his relationship with one of these guests, Gessica (35), who after a few years spent in Cupramontana moved to Liguria with a new partner and sees her son once every 2 months.
Siddharta's summer runs fast towards the fourth grade exam, which he prepares as a private individual with his father, between the games in the Tribe and those with Sofia, a 9 year old girl who spends the summer at her grandfather’s house, nearby the Tribe.
With her, Siddhatha sees and sometimes experiments a totally different lifestyle and starts questioning his father’s rules.