Dance, the audition

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Dance, the audition

Dance, the audition

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Dance, the audition

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Andrea Raw, Antonella Perazzo, Carlos Matrone, Gianni Santucci, Jennifer Chapko, Juan Michael Porter II, Katherine Duke, Kerville Cosmos Jack, Lauren Jaeger, Marie Lorène Fichaux, Mary Jo Panacciulli, Michael Mao, Nikki Holck, Yoshito Sakuraba


Delta Star Pictures, Fini Production LLC


Italy / USA



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Ready (05/04/2019)

Dance is Art of youth and Auditions are the first challenges! Choreographer Antonio Fini introduces the magical world of dance. Dancers' careers are made of effort, sacrifice and difficulty. However, thanks dancers' bravery, as well as their will to learn and to give their best, they can reach a balance and achieve important goals. The documentary presents an array of interviews and testimonies to the personalities who have contributed to the dance world, including the director of the Micheal Mao Dance of New York and the director of the Martha Graham Dance Company, the oldest and most famous modern dance company in the world.