Notarangelo ladro di anime

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Notarangelo ladro di anime

Notarangelo ladro di anime

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Notarangelo ladro di anime

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Ready (05/04/2019)

"Notarangelo ladro di anime" is a documentary that marks the discovery of an amazing Italian photographer almost unknown.
Domenico Notarangelo, who died December 6 2016, was a great, absolute talent like Henri Cartier-Bresson or Sebastiao Salgado. But Domenico Notarangelo did not travel around the world like those legends of photography did. All his works have been focused on the land where he belongs, Puglia and Basilicata.
Notarangelo was officially a political man and a journalist, and he was passionate for cinema and literature. He gave his crucial help to Pier Paolo Pasolini in the making of "The Gospel according to St. Matthew", he was considered like a son by the great painter and writer Carlo Levi whom he buried in Basilicata like he wished, and he was the "queen maker" of Maria Ippolita Santomassimo, the first female major of the South of Italy.
Notarangelo has made 100.000 photographs and he has shot hundreds of hours of very precious footage in Super 8. Extraordinary images that can tell the story of the South of Italy like no other source.
This documentary represents more than two years of intense work by the director David Grieco, his son Manuel Grieco, the sons of Domenico Notarangelo Peppe and Toni, and Michele Cecere, historian and anthropologist.