Betrayals and Magic

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Betrayals and Magic (Tradimenti e Magie)

original title:

Tradimenti e Magie

directed by:


set design:

Salvatore Forino

costume design:

Salvatore Forino






film run:





Ready (01/04/2019)

festivals & awards:

Southern Italy, beginning of the 20th century. The table set up: Donato and Anna, a married couple, and Marisa who has an affair with Donato. Anna, drunk, reveals that she is aware of the adulterous story and, exhausted, she goes to rest. Marisa reveals to Donato that she is pregnant: Donato reacts by running away. Donato is confused, but he must resolve the situation. He want to live with both the women, but it’d be polygamy, against the law. Donato resolves to tell to Marisa that she must move away and that he will take on the economic responsibility of her and the child. Meanwhile, at home, the two women, after a strong fight, reach a moment of intimacy, when Marisa, pregnant, feels the desperation of Anna who is unable to have children. In a tragicomic, magical and concrete ritual, the two women decide to live together and make an "extended" family with Donato. Based on a true story.