The Children of the Great War

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The Children of the Great War (I bambini della grande guerra)

The Children of the Great War (I bambini della grande guerra)

original title:

I bambini della grande guerra

directed by:


Emilia Zucchetti, Giuseppe Bonato, Emma Galiotto, Pietro Sartore, Angelica Genovese, Giuseppa Calcinai, Giuseppe Petrin, Maria Paolina Crepaz



Kevin MacLeod





film run:



colour & b/w

festivals & awards:

  • WorldFest-Houston 2019: Panorama Italia - Gold Remi Award in Film Features
  • Los Angeles Film Awards 2018: Best Docu-Drama
  • Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards 2018: Best Foreign Feature
  • Cityflix International Film Festival 2018: Official Selection
  • Barcellona International Film Festival 2019: Official Selection
  • London Independent Film Awards 2019: Best Documentary

People who have lived to 100 and more and the children of the combatants. These are the last witnesses of the First World War as fought on the Italian front. They experienced war in their own lands between the Isonzo and Adige rivers when the north east of Italy was at the same time the scene of battles and of domestic life. Whole families, often related to each other, found themselves on opposing sides through no fault of their own. Italians, Frenchmen, Britons, Americans, Czechs and Slovaks on one side were facing Austrians, Germans and Hungarians on the other. This is the unparalleled story of the Great War as told by the last survivors: the children of those years. For them, the war was a chance to taste English jam, to find snails for the French soldiers, to watch the german airship Zeppelin, to meet writers like D’Annunzio and Hemingway, to witness the violence and atrocities of war and to survive the horrors of Spanish flu. But there was also the general hunger and suffering, anger and death, hope and liberation, and finally peace. An epic marked also by the heroism of women.