- M - I am only a boy (second feature)

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- M - I am only a boy (- M - Sono solo un ragazzo)

- M - I am only a boy (- M - Sono solo un ragazzo)

- M - I am only a boy (- M - Sono solo un ragazzo)

original title:

- M - Sono solo un ragazzo

directed by:


Glauco Rampone, Silvia Di Bernardo, Cinzia Susino, Peppe Barile, Nicola Di Pinto, Antonio Fiorillo, Peppe Villa, Angela Rosa D'Auria, Massimiliano Fini, Francesco Rescigno, Chiara Attanasio, Luis Rojas, Marian Zvîncă



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festivals & awards:

  • The Gulf of Naples Film Festival 2020: Concorso Lungometraggi

Giorgio is in his first year of high school and feels inadequate, like all boys of his age. But there is Cristina, she is not afraid to show him her feelings. One day at his home, in a secret hiding place, he finds old Nazi documents with an encrypted text, dated 1943.
But something strange and inexplicable happens to Giorgio at night…
The school, a trio of bullies that gives him the torments, a rich antiquarian prince and his shady accomplice, his mother Sabrina and Matteo who buzzes around her, all elements and characters that will build an adventure that will lead Giorgio and Cristina to discover events which are rooted in the Jewish persecution of the 2nd World War.