The Shift (first feature)

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The Shift

The Shift

The Shift

original title:

The Shift

directed by:


Benoît Dervaux

set design:

costume design:

Florence Scholtes, Christophe Pidre



Notorius Pictures, Tarantula, with the support of Regione Lazio


Notorius Pictures [Italy], Encripta [Argentina], IV Production [Armenia], Lighthouse [Austria], IV Production [Azerbaijan], Viswass Films [Bangladesh], IV Production [Belarus], Encripta [Bolivia], HBO Europe [Bosnia and Herzegovina], Encripta [Brazil], HBO Europe [Bulgaria], Encripta [Chile], Encripta [Colombia], Encripta [Costa Rica], HBO Europe [Croatia], HBO Europe [Czech Republic], Encripta [Ecuador], IV Production [Estonia], Koba Films [France], IV Production [Georgia], Lighthouse [Germany], Encripta [Guatemala], Encripta [Honduras], HBO Europe [Hungary], Viswass Films [India], Viswass Films [Indonesia], New Select [Japan], IV Production [Kazakhstan], IV Production [Kyrgyzstan], IV Production [Latvia], IV Production [Lithuania], Viswass Films [Malaysia], Viswass Films [Maldives], Encripta [Mexico], IV Production [Moldova], HBO Europe [Moldova], Content Media Management [Mongolia], HBO Europe [Montenegro], Viswass Films [Nepal], Encripta [Nicaragua], HBO Europe [North Macedonia], Viswass Films [Pakistan], Encripta [Peru], Viswass Films [Philippines], HBO Europe [Poland], HBO Europe [Romania], IV Production [Russia], HBO Europe [Serbia], Viswass Films [Singapore], HBO Europe [Slovakia], RTV Slovenia [Slovenia], HBO Europe [Slovenia], With Lion [South Korea], Flins & Piniculas [Spain], Viswass Films [Sri Lanka], Lighthouse [Switzerland], Cai Chang [Taiwan], IV Production [Tajikistan], Viswass Films [Thailand], IV Production [Turkmenistan], IV Production [Ukraine], Encripta [Uruguay], IV Production [Uzbekistan], Encripta [Venezuela], Viswass Films [Viet Nam]





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Brussels. Eden and Abdel, two 17-year-old boys, burst into their school to carry out a suicide terrorist attack, but Abdel blows himself up ahead of schedule, involving Eden in the explosion. Isabel and Adamo, two paramedics arrive on the scene and find Eden injured and unconscious. They load him on the ambulance, ignoring the fact that he is one of the terrorists. On their way to the hospital, they realize that Eden wears an explosive belt, but it’s too late: Eden suddenly awakes! Despite the injuries, the young man holds them hostage threatening them to trigger the bomb and orders Adamo to keep driving.