The Predators (first feature)

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The Predators (I predatori)

The Predators (I predatori)

The Predators (I predatori)

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I predatori

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Fandango, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, with the support of Regione Lazio

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This is the story of two completely opposite households: the Pavone are intellectual and bourgeois, the Vismara are proletarian and fascists. They are two tribes sharing the same jungle: Rome. A trivial accident brings these two poles together. The madness of a 25-year old youth will set them on a collision course, discovering the cards to reveal that everyone has a secret. People are never what they seem – but we are all predators in the end.

This film is a concerted effort, but the characters are unaware of it. Each of them is alone, trapped in that stage in life in which no one seems to understand you and you wish that everything would go away. Reverse course in order to revive your hopes: this is their battle. Anyway, being happy is a tough business. At times, a job for “predators.” In Federico I have catalyzed a feeling of alienation, a sense of enormous frustration that stems from the difference between what you are and what others think you are. A troubling feeling that can lead people to take extreme measures. For me, fortunately, it has led to the writing of a film. This one.