Tarkovskij, Cinema Prayer

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Tarkovskij, Cinema Prayer

Tarkovskij, Cinema Prayer

original title:

Tarkovskij, Cinema Prayer

italian title:

Andrej Tarkovskij. Il cinema come preghiera


Alexsey Naydenov


Michal Leszczylowski


Paolo Maria Spina, Dimitri Klepatsky, Peter Krupenin


Revolver, Istituto Internazionale Andrej Tarkovskij, Klepatsky Production, Hobab


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Italy / Russia / Sweden



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Ready (11/06/2019)

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After over 30 years from death of the great master of cinema Tarkovskij, we can re-tell, through his personal voice, the whole his life from childhood till few days before his passing, through all his studies, family memories, the first works in soviet and after in italian and swedish cinema. His human experiences during his path of film director and as man in continous research of artistic esthetics and in philosophy.

Thanks to very rare audio and video recordings of interviews and previously unpublished directional lessons, held in the Tarkovskij archives in Florence, we will go back to the primary source and immerse ourselves in the mysterious universe of its cinematographic image, understand and re-think the work and the interior world of the director. The story is divided, in chronological order, into four parts: 1) Childhood and youth. Memories of childhood, of parents, influence of the work of the father, the poet Arsenij Tarkovskij; 2) Work in the world of cinema: tasks and objectives. Analysis of his films, favorite directors; 3) Departure from Russia: meeting with Western culture, work in Italy, conflict with Soviet authorities; 4) Last interview: «The artist as a prophet». Reflections on faith and the meaning of life.