A bolu

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A bolu

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A bolu

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Karel, with the support of Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Sardegna Film Commission Foundation

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Ready (01/05/2019)

festivals & awards:

  • Babel Film Festival 2019: Concorso
  • Creuza de Mà - Musica per Film 2019: Panorama
  • EtnoFilm Fest 2019: Concorso

A BOLU is a choral tale, a journey through Sardinia, aimed at discovering one of the most authentic cultures of the island, pastoralism, which finds a synthesis and a genuine expression in tenor singing. The stories of the characters begin with their most important gathering: the film starts with a flashforward scene that anticipates the ending: a huge townfolk party. The facts about the faces, the voices that the viewer discovers in that celebration are explored in the journey, encounter after encounter, step by step, which ends in the great community celebration.
The Film builds its narrative framework by dynamically alternating dialogues and tenor singing; through the Songs, their lyrics and their harmonic and rhythmic structures, which are the true matrix of the work, the film weaves a pattern that narrates Sardinia, both as a whole and through its local features, its character and the life of its people, highlighting the deep sense of unity and cohesion that has always distinguished the Sardinian communities.