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Dry (Siccità)

Dry (Siccità)

Rome, Italy. The drought has been parching the city for three years now, and the lack of water has changed everybody’s life. While strict rules add to people’s misery, odd characters roam the streets of the capital. Outcasts, achievers, victims, and wrongdoers are all part of the same tragic picture, and they are all after the same thing: redemption.

At a time when the streets of our cities were deserted, and we were all shut up in our homes, connected to each other solely through screens, it felt only natural to look ahead, wondering what our life would be like afterward. We started to fantasise about a film set a few years later, in a future not too distant from the present. Imagining several different stories, each allowed to proceed independently, in the manner of the ensemble cast movie, which we gradually discover to be linked to one another in a broader scenario. A gallery of equally innocent and guilty characters, a frightened, troubled humanity, afflicted by the aridity of its relationships, tormented by vanity, mythomania and rage, making their way around a city with a glorious past like Rome, which is falling apart and “dying of thirst and somnolence.