The Sky is on the Earth

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The Sky is on the Earth (Il cielo è sulla terra)

The Sky is on the Earth (Il cielo è sulla terra)

original title:

Il cielo è sulla terra

directed by:


Angela Volpini, Grazia Baroni, Lucia Feminis, Giovanni Prestini, Ferdinando Sudati, Luciana Volpini


Lucio Viglierchio, Ned Burgess


Niccolo Bosio, Lidia Pujol





film run:





Ready (17/07/2019)

On June 4, 1947 the life of a 7-year-old shepherd girl was rocked by an extraordinary encounter. The Virgin Mary appeared before Angela Volpini “in the flesh” and brought her a revolutionary message which would change her life forever: “I’ve come to teach you the way to happiness on earth…" It was the first of some 80 apparitions – a phenomenon comparable only to the Marian apparitions in Fátima and Medjugorie. While the message received by Angela ran counter to the dictates of the Roman Catholic Church and Vatican theologians, people like Pier Paolo Pasolini, Jean-Paul Sartre, Salvador Dalì, Palmiro Togliatti and many others were intrigued. Against the backdrop of historical events that included anti-Franco resistance in Spain, the Vatican Council, Liberation theology, the utopian dreams of 1968 and the various movements of the 1970s, to this day Angela continues spreading the message of her unorthodox mystical vision among the young and old who still long for change.