Res creata

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Res creata

Res creata

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Res creata


Franco Marcoaldi, Giovanni Ferretti, Felice Cimatti, Dario Martinelli



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Ready (22/07/2019)

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Res creata is the expression used in Latin to refer to the undistinguished totality of the living creatures. A formerly iconic punk songwriter retreating to the warmth of the stable up on the Apennines mountains. A foggy vineyard resonating with the quiet wingbeat of a falcon followed by his young human friend. A philosopher trying to break free from anthropocentrism interpreting life through the eyes of a cat. The bravery of horses and horsemen throwing themselves in acrobatic rides in remote Sardinia. A beached whale and the long procession of figures approaching along the beach as mourners. A zoo-musicologist who studies and compares the structure of a choir of frogs with a Beethoven symphony in Lithuania. A curious religious festival where snakes are worshipped to reconcile man and nature.
Res Creata is a feature length documentary narrating the ancient, conflicting and manifold relationship between the human being and the animal. A relationship where curiosity, love and wonder subtly and often insidiously intertwine with exploitation and need.
Who really are animals? Why do we love them?
Why do we kill them? Are we really that different?
The documentary will explore these and more questions, guided by the words and thoughts of peculiar characters and recounting pristine stories.
A unique journey amongst unequalled relationships and atmospheres, discovering the inner value of this fascinating coexistence.