The Rabbit

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The Rabbit (la Lepre)

original title:

la Lepre

directed by:


set design:

costume design:






film run:





Ready (01/01/2018)

festivals & awards:

  • ValdarnoCinema Film Festival 2018
  • Adriatic Film Festival 2018
  • Calcutta International Film Festival 2018
  • ARFF - Around Film Festival Amsterdam 2018: Best Director
  • Overtime Film Festival 2018: Miglior Cortometraggio
  • Moscow Shorts International October 2018: Best Director
  • Palermo International Sport Film Festival 2018: Best Actress in a leading role award
  • Mauro Bolognini Film Festival -2018: Audience Award
  • Lecce Film Festival 2018
  • International Film and Video Festival Catharsis 2018: Semi-finalist
  • Kenya International Sport Film Festival 2081: Semi-finalist
  • Rome Independent Prisma Awards 2018: Semi-finalist
  • Minimalen Short Film Festival 2019: Youth Programme
  • Chicago Feminist Film Festival 2019
  • Cascadia International Women’s Film Festival 2019
  • Saint Petersburg White Nights Film Festival 2019: Best Short Film Award
  • Amsterdam Film Festival Van Gogh 2019: World Cinema Cinematography Award Short Film
  • Filmstrip International Film Festival 2019
  • Francesco Pasinetti Festival 2019
  • Il Varco International Short Film Festival 2019
  • Corti a scuola / Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio 2019
  • OFF Film Festival 2019: Cortometraggi
  • Corto Cultural Classic 2019
  • Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase 2019
  • Napoli Cultural Classic Film Festival 2019: Miglior Attrice Non Protagonista (Lidia Carew)
  • Shots Film Festival Slovenia 2019: Best Story Award
  • Magna Grecia Film Festival 2019
  • Detroit Shetown Film Festival 2019
  • Directed by Women Turkey Film Festival 2019: Best International Short
  • Corti in Cortile 2019
  • Tryon International Film Festival 2019
  • Polish International Film Festival 2019
  • AE Film Festival London 2019
  • Zonta Film Festival 2019: Brest
  • Short to the Point Film Festival 2020

Young sprinter Maria has to face the greatest race of her life in order to reunite with her best friend Aisha and find a long lost connection to her mother.

The “Rabbit” is a therm used in athletics, standing for that athlete that saves no energy and pushes his/her strength to the limits in order to help the other athletes brake their records. That’s what Aisha, a Nigerian young talent, involuntarily doesn’t in real life for her best friend Maria, teaching her the value of life, relationships and faith.