I wish I was like you

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I wish I was like you

I wish I was like you

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I wish I was like you



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"I wish I Was Like You" is a documentary about the Nirvana concert that was held in Marino in the Province of Rome on February 22, 1994. But it is also a backwards journey through the ‘90s, conducted by the two directors, spectators of that era and that memorable event.
The Palaghiaccio (Ice Palace) in Marino, where the concert was held, now stands abandoned, dilapidated and sadly destined to become a supermarket. 25 years after Nirvana’s last public performances and Kurt Cobain’s death, the structure appears as a symbol of decadence but also becomes the point of departure for a celebration of those protagonists and a reflection on that historical period.
The general tone is semi-serious, ironic and sacrilegious: the two directors handle the subject of the memory in a light-hearted manner with the aid of personal archival material shot on VHS-C during the many wild nights they spent together when they were kids. The documentary is further enriched by a precious bootleg recording of the Nirvana concert, restored and remastered for the occasion.
"I Wish I Was Like You" is a true declaration of love to the filmmakers’ youth and its most precious soundtrack: Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.