Chiara Ferragni: Unposted

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Chiara Ferragni: Unposted

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Chiara Ferragni: Unposted

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Chiara Ferragni







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Is there anything that we still don’t know about Chiara Ferragni? This film is a 360° view of her public and interior sphere: an observation of the position she has secured in fashion and luxury markets through social media, deciphering what is still incomprehensible for social users and studying how marketing strategies and entertainment methods have changed over the last decade. According to Forbes, Ferragni is the most powerful fashion influencer in the world. She is a contemporary icon of a self-made woman who cares about women’s and diversity rights. She is an example of female success that continues to seduce and conquer millions of fans every day worldwide. But who is the woman behind the public image? What secrets lie behind her multimillion undertaking?

The digital revolution is changing how people communicate and relate to one another. Social platforms have completely changed the world of work, business and economy: a global phenomenon that has reestablished rules and removed barriers.
Chiara Ferragni has been a pioneer in this change: just thirty-two years old, she is the head of two companies—one of which, The Blonde Salad, has become a case study for the Business School of Harvard—and has 17 million followers.
The film analyses the secret behind such rapid, sensational success, offering a perspective that is analytical rather than judgmental. Chiara Ferragni is also the person behind her character, with all her fragility and roots. It is this that helps explains her success in the world of social media, a world that has no laws but is universal and is able to offer an interpretation of both our present and future.