Ghiaccio - Sweeping lives

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Ghiaccio - Sweeping lives (Ghiaccio)

Ghiaccio - Sweeping lives (Ghiaccio)

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ActingOUT, Eurodiaconia, Cild, with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte





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Ready (01/10/2019)

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Val Pellice, Province of Turin, Italy.
A valley that, with many others, is depopulating. In recent years, because of the migration crisis, hundreds of asylum seekers have arrived in the villages in this valley. Amongst them are Kebba, James, Edward, Seedia, Lamin, and Joseph. They come from Gambia and Sierra Leone, and they share many things. They are running from conflicts, threats and persecutions, they have experienced a long journey to reach Italy, and now they find themselves living in a valley where there is not a very hospitable climate, and they are waiting for a commission, that knows very little, if nothing, about them, to tell them if they are going to be embarked on a plane back to their countries of origin, or if, instead, they may have the chance to build a new life in Italy, or in Europe.
But these six young men share not only the limbo in which they are obliged to live, they also have in common the being part of the only European Curling team composed entirely of asylum seekers. Today they received the confirmation that they may form a team although they are not European citizens. So now, the real challenge begins: will they find a position in their new life thanks to ice, that very element they had never seen before?