Everything Must Go

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Everything Must Go (Fuori tutto)

Everything Must Go (Fuori tutto)

original title:

Fuori tutto

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France / Italy



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Ready (20/09/2019)

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This is the story of my family and their footwear company. Ten years ago, this family-led business had about thirty directly-owned stores, then suddenly but relentlessly my parent’s empire began falling apart. All that’s left is two stores and a million euros Euros burden. One step away from bankruptcy, my parents and my sister start-off every day without knowing what they should do to break this loop they’re stuck in.

I tried for years to call-myself-out of this. My life and my career of television in Paris fenced off this awful story from my everyday life. But lately, I’ve come around. And with my camera I tried to fill in the distance between us. I tried to report their intimacy, their routine framed by the financial crisis. What was supposed to be my first docu-film turned out to be the shocking reality I was running from. Bankruptcy, financial breakdown, recession are all just consequences of other kinds of failures. This movie was not just the chance to report but to lose myself in the most important story I can tell: a bittersweet fairytale about being a family in the midst of a collapse.