Il domani di Laura (second feature)

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Il domani di Laura

Il domani di Laura

Il domani di Laura

original title:

Il domani di Laura

directed by:


Valentina Banci, Roberta Barbiero, Rosario Campisi, Paola Lushnjani, Gianni Andrei, Roberto Andrioli, Sonia Jael Colombo, Gabriele Giaffreda, Andrea Giuntini, Benedetta Giuntini, Anna Serena, Alessio Arzilli, Irene Barbugli, Vincenzo Puzziferri, Alessandro Timpanaro


Matteo Rosellini


Costantino Maiani, Matteo Rosellini


Lorenzo Maiani





film run:



HD - colour


Ready (30/09/2019)

festivals & awards:

  • Montelupo Fiorentino International Independent Film Festival 2019: Miglior Film, Premio al Valore Culturale

Florence (Italy), present time.
Laura is a forty-five years old married woman, with a teenage daughter.
Laura starts to express a feeling of discomfort both at home and work, due to a sexual abuse: the abuse is never shown, or mentioned, except for two quick flashbacks, where the raper approaches Laura, who sees him in a POV shot. This shocking event undermines Laura's serenity. Her quality of life starts to get worse: she has nightmares, physical disease and abnormal behaviour.
A new director, Stefania, comes to the company where Laura is working: at first Laura is unable to have a good relation with her. Afterwards, a connection between them arises, thanks to Stefania, and the two women become friends.
Laura will find the strenght to open herself up to Stefania: she will talk to her about the sexual abuse and agree to go to a Center for women against violence, following the advice of her new friend.