The Engineer of Mont Blanc

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The Engineer of Mont Blanc (L'ingegnere del Monte Bianco)

The Engineer of Mont Blanc (L'ingegnere del Monte Bianco)

original title:

L'ingegnere del Monte Bianco


Adriana Lora Totino, Sergio Blengini, Marco Petrella, Giulio Cesare Meschini, Giuseppe Giobellina, Ruggero Pellin, Giovanni Busa, Angelo Carello, Giulia Pagani e Stefano Fettolini






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Ready (15/10/2019)

In the middle of the last century, in Italy that was struggling to recover from the rubble left by the war, a man, an entrepreneur from Biella, decided to follow his visionary ideas by planning and implementing the tourist and infrastructural development in a border area, the Courmayeur valley , which held one of the wonders of Europe: Mont Blanc.
Engineer Dino Lora Totino with his human and financial resources surrounded himself with extraordinary men and together they built the entire complex of the Mont Blanc cableways on the italian side and the french side, which makes it possible to get close to the peak of Mont Blanc, in particular the cableway section called "Liaison" which allows any tourist to enjoy the enchanting landscape of the Valle Blanche. Moreover, he undertook with his team the excavation of what would later become the Mont Blanc tunnel.