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Arance Meccaniche, Collettivo Irragionevole





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Ready (22/10/2019)

Hambach, a millenary forest in the heart of Europe, is the setting for a unique experiment in environmental resistance challenging the bulldozers of RWE, multinational company that wants to cancel the wood to build a coal mining basin.
The forest community was born spontaneously in 2012, from the meeting of activists and activists flocked from all over Germany and Europe, still a lively space of coexistence and a daily laboratory of libertarian politics.
A somewhat abstract and apparently timeless dimension, founded on a choice of absolute equality and friendship even with the non-human inhabitants of the forest, hidden in the thick of an ecosystem that disappears. A radical experience, now elevated to a symbol by the ecological movements of half of Europe.
The film is the emotional journey through images and sounds to discover a model of life that is spartan and rich at the same time, of the romantic utopia of militants who for years have been keeping a giant multinational company in check, the second electric company in the world, interposing their own bodies among trees and bulldozers and the immense mechanical monster that transforms the forest into the dark land of the Mordor of the Lord of the Rings, as they call the part of the forest already reduced to a barren desert.
A struggle, that of the Hambachers, that can sounds as anti-technological, but actually very modern flavor: j'accuse against the irresponsibility of the world energy giants and their predatory development model, which is void, except perhaps a widespread awareness that civil disobedience is practiced, seems to be able to induce to change course definitively.