The House of love

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The House of love (La casa dell'amore)

The House of love (La casa dell'amore)

original title:

La casa dell'amore

directed by:


Bianca Dolca Miele, Natasha De Castro






film run:





Ready (30/12/2020)

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Bianca is a transsexual. She's a prostitute by profession. She was born 39 years ago and now lives in Milan in the workingclass neighbourhood of Quarto Oggiaro, near the municipal market. She lives in an apartment on the third floor of a building built in the 1970s. Her father was a well-known sculptor.
Bianca has an old mobile phone from the 2000s, not a smartphone, in order to avoid wasting too much time with pranksters and timewasters. To contact Bianca, just look for her on meeting sites, see her photo and the brief but accurate description of her body and its possible performance and call her.
Bianca must always stay at home, because giving a customer the appointment after an hour could mean losing him in the sea magnum of offers on the net. The house is one of the fixed points of her life. The other is Natasha Da Castro, her historic companion for 16 years, a Japanese transsexual who lives between Milan and Brazil, where they have a house. The film mainly tells of Bianca's waiting time, of her hours at home alone while she waits for Natasha's call or while she listens again to some conversation she had with her partner through her phone.