Mare Nostrum – The Nightmare

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Mare Nostrum – The Nightmare

original title:

Mare Nostrum – The Nightmare

directed by:


Riccardo Zghoud Benoni, Fatima Dakik, Aminata Ndiaye, Kelly Vincent, Lucky Ahobnaubre, Ehis Ovienria, Godspower Osas, Davi Odunayomide Babalola, Md Sodrul Islam Nozmul, Sumoh Miah, Harouna Danyoko, Francis Mills, Kourouma Aziz, Saliouf Sonko, Sulayam Giba, Lamin Njie, Baku Tubo Jaiteh



Alessandro Chiodo, Pascal Hanke, Nico Laninger

set design:

costume design:


Yazan Alsabagh


Tama Filmproduktion, Bizef Produzione, in association with Intrigo Internazionale, MediaApes





film run:



VR/DCP - colour


Ready (04/11/2019)

festivals & awards:

MARE NOSTRUM. The nightmare is a live action, impact virtual reality 360°experience with CGI, taking the 'viewer’ on a tour de force of sentiments. A nightmarish journey of a juvenile refugee from the Sahara to the Mediterranean whith the viewer being his companion. The strong experience of elementary feelings of loss, distress, and death with effective 3D sound enables the viewer to live the unfolding tragedy in a very emotional way.

The Mediterranean Sea, once a crossroads of cultures and trade has become a medieval nightmare with thousands of death. We are increasingly bombarded by images of sinking wrecked boats with desperate crowds. Quantity and similarity of the images engender intolerance and boredom, so we often end up switching TV channels.
But, what would happen if we were one of those migrants? If we had to witness heart-breaking farewells, end up locked in a prison waiting for the smugglers to free us, but instead are sold like a slave? If it’s me in a wrecked boat in a stormy sea, overwhelmed by panic, in this trap that is about to sink?
Surely the viewer will now realize what it really means to abandon the own home and cross the Mediterranean, the MARE NOSTRUM.
Mare Nostrum’s narration is based on research and testimonies, than elaborated together with the migrants who participated in the film interpreting themselves.