Storie di pietre

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Storie di pietre

Storie di pietre

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Storie di pietre

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What brings a small community to remain attached to a land that never seems to stop shaking? What moves its inhabitants to dig with their own hands among the rubble of a church, to restore a crucifix in time for the Patron Saint's procession? A small hamlet of farmers uncovers a canvas partially buried under those stones preserving collective memories and traces of ancient traditions, symbolising resilience and a proud sense of belonging, defending and sustaining a culture whilst defying the post-earthquakes desolation, remaining isolated but alive.
Not far away, in San Salvatore in Campi, a group of restorers work in order to save some remains of an invaluable artistic heritage, crumbled under the effects of an implacable nature, while far away, in total isolation, at an altitude of one thousand meters, a monk lives in harmony with God, following the "ora et labora" rule, tirelessly reinforcing his hermitage, fearless of a land that he has learnt to love.