La Pace non è uno stato naturale (first feature)

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La Pace non è uno stato naturale

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La Pace non è uno stato naturale

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Maria Teresa Spina, Michele Di Cillo, Aldo Gioia, Salvatore De Santis, Luciano Bucci, Oreste Masella, Giovanni Faenza, Francesco Vitale, Francesca Bertoni, Mariassunta Cerio, Adriano Leone, Federico Lombardi




Stefano Barbaresco






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C.le Magg. Michele Luzzi belonging to the Italian Expeditionary Corps in Russia (CISR), leaves his beloved wife Amalia, in June 1942, to reach the Russian front. During their farewell, they reaffirm their loyalty and self-denial to the fascist cause, hoping for the victory of the Axis forces and their happy reunion. To intersperse the story of the two protagonists, four segments of the documentary cut intervene which, philosophically and scientifically deepening the topic "war", try to explain through the voice of enlightened minds of humanity, what is intrinsically human violence and what are the its origins. The two lovers tell each other through an epistolary exchange, which shows the gradual transformation of their primary political and ideological needs, into a common awareness of the libertarian character. Michael in Russia escapes from his enemies and becomes a deserter, feeling outrage at the death of innocents and the senselessness of war. Amalia, in learning of Michele's death, takes her life with her son in her lap. The two find themselves in the final, in an "other" place, united in the attainment of a higher truth, sprung from the repudiation of violence and human madness.