The Shameful Story

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The Shameful Story (La storia vergognosa)

The Shameful Story (La storia vergognosa)

original title:

La storia vergognosa

directed by:


Enrica Rosso, Evelyn Famà, Fiorella Migliore, Francesco Foti, Carmelo Rappisi, Matilde Politi, Leo Gullotta, José Luis Ardissone






film run:





Ready (16/07/2020)

festivals & awards:

  • Taormina Film Fest 2020: Filmmaker in Sicilia
  • Visioni dal Mondo 2020: Panorama Italiano - Premio del Pubblico Mymovies
  • Queen Palm International Film Festival 2020: Best Feature Film - Foreign
  • Nastri d'Argento 2021: Finalist

Fiorella, a fourth generation descendant of a Sicilian family that emigrated to the American continent, and renowned model in the world of fashion, returns to Sicily to learn about the country where her great grandparents emigrated from, and to discover the reasons that forced them to leave, together with millions of Italians, to an unknown land. By chance, she will encounter a nearly magical theater and a company of street artists preparing a show about the Italian Mass Migration, inspired by letters, photos and fragments of images. The story will be delivered by an emerging cinema of that time, taken from the diary of a young and aspiring journalist, an emigrant himself.
Following our artists though this journey as they move between the past and the present, Fiorella will learn about the most censored details of the great exodus that Italy has preferred to forget.