Scooter (second feature)

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Ready (31/01/2024)

Federico (Pippo) and Stefano (Zebra) are two twenty year old friends, very different physically and characteristically, but are used to sharing everything: Federico has dropped out of school and wants to look for a job, Stefano instead will enroll at university. One passes from one girl to another (Federico) while the other (Stefano) has a steady girlfriend. At the end of the summer Federico proposes to his friend a holiday with his red vintage Vespa, with the excuse of going to see Juliette, a French girl from Angers who he met last summer on a beach; an unmissable opportunity to experience an adventure on the road before their lives take two different paths. During the trip, fun and entertainment pass into the background when the two find themselves entrusted with a large sum of money and a mysterious photo by three Kurdish brothers pursued by the police. The curiosity to discover what lies behind this mysterious entrustment and the fear of being discovered messes everything up. All the plans and the choice of an alternative route to Angers becomes an unexpected detour in the uncontaminated nature of the Cévennes to reckon with their own weaknesses and stereotypical convictions. In Angers the charming Juliette initially disrupts the balance of understanding between Federico and Stefano, creating jealousy between them and towards Pierre, a rich snobby friend who tries in every way to sow discord among the three. Being too carefree results in them losing the money that they received and will force them to remedy the situation and deprive themselves of their beloved vintage Vespa but with the help of Mahmud, a volunteer in an NGO, they will be able to clarify the origin of the mysterious picture received along with the sum of money. They need to reach the migrants before they board a ship and a tense race against time follows all the way to the port of Saint-Nazaire, eventually resolving once and for all this dynamic story.