Il maestro + Margherita (second feature)

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Il maestro + Margherita

original title:

Il maestro + Margherita

directed by:


Antonia Tomeo, Antonio Vita, Francesco Maio, Bartolo De Vita, Daniele Sottolano, Antonino Nese, Serena Troncone, Mariateresa Tomeo


Giovanni Laurito


Andrè Giaccio

set design:

Mlina Di Nardo, Giovanni D'Agosto

costume design:

Luisa Maio, Paola Cortazzo, Lucia Filpo, Antonietta Cortazzo






film run:




festivals & awards:

  • Venus Italian International Film Festival 2019: Best Film
  • Festival de Cine san’Andreu de la Barca y Premios Oriana 2019: Best Film
  • Festival Mundial de Cine de Veracruz 2019: Best Film
  • Berlin Flash Film Festival 2019: Special Mention

The film set in the 1960s tells the story of Giacomo, a young master from Salerno who is appointed to a mountain school. Among romantic moments, comic and other moving situations, he will have to deal with a rural and rural reality very different from his own. Thanks also to Margherita, a local girl she will fall in love with, but who will soon have to avoid seeing her. Despite the nostalgia of the city, the master will appreciate the frankness of atavistic feelings, typical of a rural and uncontaminated dimension. At the same time also his pupils Pietro and Lorenzo both in contrast with themselves and the surrounding area, live their experiences of love and life with a look towards their future.

It was intentionally shot "like" a comedy of the 1960s, in black and white and citing some classics such as "Pane, Amore e fantasia" in the shooting style. For the most part the dialogues are in Cilento dialect with the accent of the mountain Cilento, as the film is set in an imaginary mountain town.