Zeus Machine. L'invincibile (first feature)

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Zeus Machine. L'invincibile

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Zeus Machine. L'invincibile


Segio Fantoni, Nicola Menghetti, Bastien Meunier, Enrico Zoffoli, Francesca Ricci, Benedetta Stern, Marco Mazzoni, Paolo Zanfanti, Mirco Zanfanti, Eleonora Amadori, Paolo Mongardi, Luca Cavina aka Zeus!



Francesco 'Fuzz' Brasini, Luca Cavina aka Zeus!





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This is the untold story of the mythological life of Hercules, the hero of labours. The narration of his adventures unfolds in a discontinuous flow of events celebrating the labours in new and contemporary forms through twelve episodes starring as many Hercules. At the dawn of time, we see him floating around the Earth's orbit, waiting to hit the ground to get into action. We find him back in the poses of a wrestler and those of a future bullfighter. The succession of examples brings us back to the mutable and circular nature of myth, a relentless machine that intertwines its existence with the infinite narration of its own deeds: mythology. With humor and lightness the film explores multiple forms of expression, and through slapsticks, performances, anonymous places and human extravagances, it composes a narrative device ready to play with the viewer, reshaping the borders of reality.