Il giardino di Olga

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Il giardino di Olga

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Il giardino di Olga

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In post-production (03/02/2020)

Somewhere in the North-East of Italy, not far from the sea, on the plains.
This is the story of a country policeman, Gigi, my uncle.
Now that his ninety-year-old mother is dead, Gigi lives alone, in the same old house surrounded by a large garden.
This garden is as beautiful as it is intricate, dark and impenetrable.
Gigi spends his days partly at work, on the beat, waiting for something to happen (a rare occurrence), and partly in his garden, tending it, making sure that it will forever remain his nest, his hiding place, his den. But behind the apparent calm of the provinces, something has happened, and for Gigi it has become an obsession: this summer a woman from the town committed suicide.
Like many others before her, she jumped in front of a train, on the railway tracks that pass through the town, near the football pitch. Gigi can’t get the woman out of his head.
Thus begins a personal inquiry, an absurd inquiry, as Gigi investigates the evil raging in this isolated corner of the world and a palpable, physical curse, the manifestation of a concealed yet still open wound that will not even spare him or his garden.