Il mio corpo

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Il mio corpo

original title:

Il mio corpo

directed by:



Orsola Valenti, Damian Plandolit


Switzerland / Italy



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In a deep and abandoned Sicily Oscar, the son of a junk dealer, and Stanley, a young immigrant, live on the margins of society.
Oscar and his older brother Roberto work with their father, collecting scrap metal from illegal landfills. Each metal has its own value and the Oscar family survives by transforming other people's waste into a new bargaining chip. It is a grueling job. Omar and Roberto are linked by a common story but the eldest, committed to excel to survive, escapes the role of ally, leaving Oscar alone.
For Stanley the worst seems to be behind him: a small apartment for himself, a twoyear residence permit and a friend with whom to share some food and memories. He could leave Sicily and try his luck in a country that gives him a real chance, but something keeps him in this limbo.
A seasonal job takes him to the deep hinterland, in lands of old abandoned mines and pastures. In this forgotten place, between debris and scrap metal, the solitudes of Oscar and Stanley will touch for a brief moment.