Funeral Family

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Funeral Family (Cassamortari)

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Paco Cinematografica, Neo Art Producciones, with the support of Regione Lazio





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“We’re all gonna die, you’d better cash in on it”. The Pasti family has been running a funeral home for generations, and this is an evergreen catchphrase around the household. The head of the family, Giuseppe, would go the extra mile to turn a corpse into a pile of cash, tax-free of course. After his death, the family business is taken over by his children Giovanni, Maria, Marco, and Matteo. Giovanni is just like his father, and his decisions are steered by pathological greediness; Maria feels a compulsion to sleep with any widower who comes her way, Marco is a guru in thanatoesthetics (aka dead body make-up); Matteo is a web influencer wannabe, and his aid to the business is his flippant, tasteless use of social media. Ironically, though, his non-conventional and politically incorrect ways seem to be a vital lifeline for a company that is now in dire straits - apparently, tax cannot stay free forever. Manager Maddalena Grandi is looking to hiring them for the last goodbye to famous singer Gabriele Arcangelo, who died from an overdose, right in the midst of an anti-drug campaign. After all, “unconventional” is precisely what she needs.