Pierrot sui binari

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Pierrot sui binari

Pierrot sui binari

original title:

Pierrot sui binari


Nino Mallia



Guido Lamberti, Daniele Belardinelli






film run:





Ready (02/03/2020)

festivals & awards:

  • FilmArte Madrid 2020
  • Gold Movie Awards 2021: Semi Finalist
  • CICFF -Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2021: Outstanding Achievement award – Best Documentary
  • Sweden Film Awards 2020: Best Cinematography - Short Doc
  • London Best Director Award 2020: Best Director – Short Doc
  • The Impact DOCS Awards 2020: Award of Recognition Best Director, Best Short Doc
  • London Indie Short Film Festival 2020: Honorable Mention – Short Doc
  • Rome Ind. Prisma Awards 2020: Best Short Doc Nominee
  • Roshani (Reels) International Short Film Festival 2021: Nominee Best Short Doc
  • Montreal Independent Film Festival 2020: Semi Finalist
  • Golden Short Film Festival 2020: Official Selection
  • Berlin Shorts Awards 2021: Official Selection
  • The Lift-Off Sessions 2020: Finalist OnArt Poland 2021: Best Short Doc
  • Art Film Awards 2021: Best Short Doc
  • Rotterdam Independent Film Festival 2021: Finalist
  • Chaplin Independent Film Festival 2021: Best Short Doc
  • Uruvatti International Film Festival 2021: Best Short Doc
  • Vegas Shorts 2021: Best Short Doc

Nino Mallia, multi-talented mime and artist, is one of the last students of master Étienne Decroux; in the eighties he leaves his work and family to pursue the Pierrot hidden inside him… Paris, the studies, the street, the performances, the theater and finally the search for a space… a signalman’s house that he readapts, transforming it into a veritable “theater house” open to all artists but also to those in need. On the outskirts of time and reality, his theater house, for more than twenty years, has been a magical place that unites individuals of different cultures in the spirit of sharing and creative liberty. But Nino’s dream is seriously jeopardized by an eviction notice from Rome’s Court of Appeals. In December 2019 Nino is forced to leave his house… yet he cannot leave the stage, his art will follow him wherever he goes…