I futurieri

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I futurieri

original title:

I futurieri

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Leo Gullotta, Augusto Zucchi, Mario Patanè, Giulia Mombelli, Andrea Cioffi, Daniele Borghi, Andrea Ortis, Giulia Mombelli, Chiara Cavalieri, Noemi Bordi, Andrea Cioffi






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Ready (01/06/2019)

festivals & awards:

  • Social World Film Festival 2019: Focus Occhio al Sud
  • Nanometri Festival 2019
  • [C] Screen Barcelona 2019

1796. Vincenzo Cuoco returns to his home town. The world around him is changing: revolution is at the door and new ideas are becoming popular. In Civitacampomarano, Duke Mirelli is trying to contain revolutionary turmoil by using a futuristic machine, the optical tachograph, a sort of modern computer, with which he is able to manipulate news and information, thus controlling the population. It will be up to Cuoco and his friends to stop Duke's wicked plan, letting people enjoy, for the first time, the most precious right: the free communication of thoughts and opinions.

I asked myself a question: what would have happened if in the past we could have used modern communication tools?
I futurieri Short Film in my attempt to answer this question.
In fact, a “social dimension” has always existed throughout the past: cultural gatherings, places where ideas were shared and spread, can be considered a sort of modern “wall”, as in modern social networks. Issues connected with communication are more similar, in the past and today, than we may think. And this is especially true as far as the 18th century is concerned, a period in history where new technologies and tools allowed an acceleration in information spreading.
Fake news, political control over information were a problem just they are today: it seemed interesting thus to set this story in the 18th century. Mixing historical accuracy with “fantastic” elements, the movie aims to reflect about present days through the past.