Tell Me Who I Am

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Tell Me Who I Am (Dimmi chi sono)

original title:

Dimmi chi sono

directed by:


Elisa Bertato, Isabella Caserta, Giovanni Morassutti, Davide Bardi, Andrea De Manincor, Nicolò Giacometti, Jacopo Squizzato, Daniele Profeta, Riccardo Caserta, Giacomo Fiorito, Giovanni Fracaro, Piotr Kosarev, Amanuel Scappini, Tommaso Zorzi, Jana Balkan, Martina Colli, Alberto Novarin



costume design:



Lorenzo Tomio, Luciano Ligabue






film run:



HD - colour

release date:


festivals & awards:

  • Top Indie Film Awards 2019: Best Editing, Nominations for Best Short, Best Direction
  • Premio Riviera Olivier – Leigh 2019: Video - Best Film
  • Rieti e Sabina Film Festival 2019
  • Los Angeles Cinefest 2019: Semifinalista
  • KinoDUEL International Film Festival 2019
  • The Lift-Off Sessions 2019
  • Europe Asia Festival of Cinema 2020: Crystal Award – Best European Short
  • GeoFilm Festival 2020
  • Virgin Spring Cinefest 2020: Gold Award – Best Film on Women
  • Tagore International Film Festival 2020: Outstanding Achievement Award – Film on Women
  • Golden Galaxy Awards 2020: Nomination
  • Sun of the East Award 2020: Nomination
  • Cult Critic Movie Awards 2020: Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Jean-Luc Godard Awards 2020: Nomination
  • Rampa Film Festival 2020
  • Andromeda Film Festival 2020
  • Kalakiri Film Festival 2020
  • Rome Independent Prisma Awards 2020
  • Dashtag's Virtual Screening 2020: Finalista
  • Jersey Shore Film Festival 2020: Premio Miglior Attrice Protagonista Internazionale a Elisa Bertato, Nomination Miglior Cortometraggio Internazionale, Nomination Miglior Thriller Internazionale
  • New York Istanbul Short Film Festival 2020
  • Istanbul Golden Film Festival 2020
  • Golden Short Film Festival 2020: Golden Director Category
  • Phoenix International Film Festival 2020: Silver Mention
  • Point Of View Indie Film Awards 2020: Premio Miglior Regia, Premio Miglior Attrice Protagonista a Elisa Bertato, Premio Miglior Fotografia
  • Best Shorts Competition 2020: Award of Excellence Special Mention per la categoria "Riscatto/Giustizia Sociale/Protesta", Award of Excellence per la Regia
  • Beyond The Curve International Film Festival 2020
  • Port Blair International Film Festival 2020: Menzione d’Onore come Miglior Cortometraggio Internazionale sulle Donne, Premio Speciale della Giuria - Cortometraggio Internazionale come Miglior Attrice a Elisa Bertato, Premio Miglior Fotografia – Cortometraggio Internazionale a Luca Caserta

A woman wanders through the city looking for herself and her lost memory...

The movie, shooted in the suburbs of Verona (Italy), deals with the difficult and delicate issue of violence against women, facing it from the point of view of the search for the own identity and lost dignity. The protagonist is indeed a woman suffering from a severe form of amnesia following a sexual violence and she doesn't remember anything of her life and her past, wandering around the city like a homeless person, in the grip of fear and despair that a similar experience can trigger. Listless and exhausted, she hides and avoids any kind of contact, becoming almost invisible to the eyes of others and living in a sort of limbo in which time slowly slips on her. The ending remains open to the possibility to start again, living with new self-awareness.