The Neighbor

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The Neighbor (Hotel Milano)

original title:

Hotel Milano

directed by:


Alessandro Branca

set design:

costume design:

Lucia La Polla






film run:





Ready (26/04/2022)

Riki and Luca are two young men in search of the meaning of their life; they find their answers in the powerful love they feel for each other.
A run against the time keeps their destiny on the edge of the abyss. Riki and Luca are often bullied by a nazi-skin gang that makes their life impossible. The two decide to rebel against the gang and they star challenging them, until one day the bullies set a trap for Luca and brutally beat him up, sending the young man to the hospital, close to death.
This tragic event generates different reactions among Riki’s and Luca’s parents and Luca’s mother decides that for Riki it will be impossible to come to the hospital in order to stay next to the suffering Luca. From that moment on nothing is like it used to be and the love between the two young men will turn into Luca’s parents hate and rancor towards Riki.