Three infallible rules (first feature)

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Three infallible rules (Tre regole infallibili)

Three infallible rules (Tre regole infallibili)

Three infallible rules (Tre regole infallibili)

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Tre regole infallibili

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In post-production (19/11/2022)

Fourteen year-old Bruno is in a state of panic: he finds out his love for Flavia is requited, but has no idea how to start a relationship. He needs someone to teach him the ropes, and it just so happens that his best bet - the only man capable of making his hopeless mother Claudia fall in love again - is the despicable Luca. Bruno must swallow his pride and accept his worst enemy’s advice. Little does he know that Luca and Claudia’s relationship is rickety and anything but exemplary.

Three Infallible Rules is a tale about that phase during adolescence when we discover a need for love that is different to the love for our mother. This is the age when we realize that parental love is no longer enough to fill our life on its own.
But how do we go about falling in love when nobody has ever explained it to us before?
Here is that heroic leap into the dark that we are all going to take at some point in our teenage years.
In theory, we do have someone who could shed light upon such a life-changing moment: adults. They ought to be the wise, solid experts for us to lean on for knowledge. Except that adults themselves are often out of sorts - much like children, sometimes worse. They may lack experience, or venture into bizarre, disastrous affairs, thus losing their presumed role-model status, and failing to be the example we could have followed.
Three Infallible Rules is about two generations, that of the parents and that of their children. While trying to navigate a new way to be a family, they also desperately try to make sense of emotion, relationship, and love.
Luckily, the world of nature does offer some solace in all this. Though unsophisticated and simple, nature is the salvation of beauty against the ordinariness of life, the only space where “we can forget about being poor” because “….we can have all of it!”.