Addio dolce casa mia

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Addio dolce casa mia

Addio dolce casa mia

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Addio dolce casa mia

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Ready (12/06/2020)

Forty days to tear down the “Green Sail” / “Vela Verde” is the goal reached after thirty-five years of uninterrupted struggle carried out by the Committee –“ Vele di Scampia” .
“Addio Dolce Casa Mia/FAREWELL,MYSWEET HOME” is a documentary that tries to tell what it means to be born and grown up in the “Sails” of Scampia. Our documentary begins on 20 February 2020, when the demolition of the Green Sail was supposed to start. On that day, hundreds journalists reached the site to attend the event, ready to immortalize the fall of the imposing building which has for too long been used as a symbol of “Camorra”.
Farewell, my sweet home… is composed by three stories that intertwine with each other in an elegant and symbolic way. The first story shows numerous children from the “Blue Sail” engaged in the construction of what they call “A casarella”. In the dark and cold garages of the “Blue Sail”, we find a group of laborious children busy in the construction of this magical place, "La casarella", which will become their meeting point, their play area, their tree house.
The second story tells us about Nadia, a seventeen-year-old girl who identifies herself a lot with the “Red Sail” , where she grew up. Nadia explains how difficult it is to be poor, to feel lonely, to be abandoned. At the age of 4, she was abandoned by her mum and, since then, she has been living with her father Savatore. Despite her anger, she describes with extreme maturity her story as well as how she felt on 20 February, when the demolition started.
The third story tells us about Francesco Vinci, a man who, after years of prison, mistakes, and problems with the law, has once again found the strength to stand up. In the nineties, after finding himself on the street one more time, Francesco finally decided to occupy one of the apartments of the “Yellow Sail”, being in desperate need of a house for his wife and newborn son. Today he is a member of the Committee "Vele di Scampia" and he is currently working on the construction site for the demolition of the “Green Sail”. Thanks to this job, he managed to regain some dignity and a pinch of serenity. After many years of suffering and sacrifices, Francesco and his sweet wife Carmela have only one dream: to have their own house.