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In post-production (12/06/2020)

Do you remember the fairy tale you used to tell me when I was little? I always wanted to hear the same one, and once it was finished, you’d start over again until you got tired of telling it, and you’d say:

Once upon a time there was a king
Sitting on a sofa who said to his servant
Tell me a story
And the servant would begin
Once upon a time there was a king sitting on a sofa…

Now, over and over again, I tell you the same story, I start to describe the magical places that we saw together, as if it were a fairy tale, because you always loved them.
No one knows anything about being in a coma and no one has a solution, even though humans have been able to travel all the way to the moon.
I have you listen to the classical music that has always touched you deeply, I stimulate you with the fragrance of your plants: mint, rosemary, sage.
I rub your whole body with the cream that Gabriella gave you. Everyone should learn to wash someone they truly love. It would help them to understand how much they love them.
Seven long years have gone by, and I think that a person that society says is healthy isn’t necessarily so, and above all that they have interesting things to say and do.
Lots of times you do the most interesting things in extreme cases, or you never do them at all…