L'uomo samargantico (second feature)

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L'uomo samargantico

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Fulvio Fuina, Clara Mallegni, Giancarlo De Biasi, Raffaele Totaro, Daniela Airoldi, Gianni Conti, Caterina Ferri, Davide Dalfiume, Arnaldo Mangini, Valentina Sorice, Max Baroni, Laura Petracchi, Francesca Rosi, Achille Pardini, Manuela Falorni, Irma Orrico, Luca Ricci, Luciano Gassani, Silvia Lorenzetti, Pietro Bugliani, Massimo Montaldi, Francesca Menconi, Alessandra Franchi, Giovanni Lorieri, Marco Beccaria



Hunterwolf, Paperoga Quartet






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festivals & awards:

  • Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno 2020: Selezione Ufficiale
  • Indiecinema Film Festival 2020: Selezione Ufficiale
  • Golden Smile International Film Festival 2021
  • David di Donatello 2021: in concorso

Although he looks like a man, Amadeo Rossi has a child's soul. Like a child, he would like to pursue his dreams and live his life as if it were a game. Yet, this is something that adults are not allowed to do, since they are afraid of wasting time. Amadeo's life will have a meaning when he manages to find his own way towards a perfect world, the same world that a bad but much admired Minister has already invented (and built). This world will be the magical place where Jennifer will speak to him at last, as if in a dream within a dream. However, Minister Ovitac's world will only and secretly open its doors to his most faithful servants; the Uomo Samargantico will be able to enter it, too, although nobody knows who this mysterious man might be, or whether he really exists. Who is going to accompany Amadeo throughout his other-worldly journey? Among these people are Mr Sunny, a spiritual guide, and Dr Panzerotti, who sells miraculous water, and many other barkers who will intermittently lead him miles away from, or near a world consisting in a disarming daily round. Will then such a dream-hunter be capable of bearing so much normalcy?