Raphael: a sensitive genius

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Raphael: a sensitive genius (Raffaello: il genio sensibile)

Raphael: a sensitive genius (Raffaello: il genio sensibile)

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Raffaello: il genio sensibile






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Ready (09/07/2020)

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This documentary brings back to the world the sensitive genius of Raphael, one of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance, five hundred years after his death.

The art historian Luca Tomìo guides us through our journey to retrace Raphael's artistic education, starting from his birthplace, the Duchy of Urbino. With the help of documents, unpublished testimonies, and an expert theatre company, we have retraced the decisive events of his life. We also involved expert researchers, restorers, and art critics to relive the artist's outstanding encounters: from the one with Perugino, becoming then his pupil in Perugia, to those with Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. An unpublished and compelling documentary that travel as far as St. Petersburg, which holds, in its boundless Hermitage Museum, few masterpieces by the artist from Urbino. A tribute to the genius, an unmissable journey in the life of Raphael.