Princess (second feature)

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Princess is a young Nigerian woman, an illegal immigrant selling her body on the outskirts of the big city. Like an Amazon on the hunt, she moves through a pine forest that stretches to the sea, where she finds shelter, laughs, quarrels with her friends, and earns her daily bread. She sniffs out money, avoiding danger and dodging emotions, one customer after another. Until one day, Princess meets a man who genuinely wants to save her. But first, she has to save herself.

Princess is: merging my points of view with the Nigerian women I met whilst researching. These women were victims of trafficking, they wrote the script with me then played themselves, creating a flexible work space: we experimented and found what I believe to be a more authentic path compared to others we’re often used to regarding migration, illegal immigrants or prostitution. The narrative is always poised between a degraded reality and the lyrical tale of wounded humanity. The film is a coming-of-age story: Princess, before anything else, is a nineteen-year-old, who, whilst clinging to her sense of self, is trying to resist the ferocity of the world.