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Caterina Murino, Giorgio Colangeli, Bianca Nappi, Milena Vukotic, Andrea Roncato, Maurilio Leto, Lorenzo Marinozzi, Cinzia Diddi, Max Gruber, Alex Sparrow, Ieva Andrejevaite, David Fears Jr., Katharina Holoubek, Philipp Karner, Oleg Taktarov, Lili Epply, Stefan Pohl


Blasco Giurato, Gianni Mammolotti, Andrey Vlasov, Hermann Dunzendorfer


set design:

costume design:

Stefano Giovani, Zizi Bohrer-Lehner


Savio Riccardi, Louis Siciliano, Thomas Kathriner



Stemo Production, Elly Films, Odysseya-Cinema





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Mobile phone, mobile phone and finally smartphone. Different names for the same device that, since 2011, has evolved to the point of changing the evolution and existence of the same human race. An instrument of connection and a factory of solitude, a matrix of ostentation and profound insecurity, an exaltation of eros and the creator of the generational complex, a nest of sin. And if sin is what obscures the soul, here is the story of obscured souls. Four develop and exceed the margin of normality, transforming reality into a possible and terrible nightmare. Four stories that host fear and suspicion that become deviation, degeneration, decay. Four stories that cross the ultimate border of balance and become ruinously real, tangible. True contemporary stories, chronicles of intense characters, of complex psychologies. A subtle and penetrating plot that welcomes an irreversible alternation of the mind, with its emotions and its thoughts.

Letizia, better known as “Nonna Letizia”, is a 75 year old woman, 50 of whom spent with her husband Alfonso, a man now rare, all in one piece, pragmatic, reserved, firm and very attentive to money. Letizia instead is lively, determined, expansive, loves to travel light with her mind and is always looking for new adventures to assert herself.
Feeling oppressed by her husband’s staticity, dreaming of freeing herself from the monotony of every day life, Letizia decides to open a blog,“Nonna Letizia Fusion”, which deals with refined Japanese cuisine. The woman lets herself be carried away and very soon becomes addicted, making social drugs her drug. She feeds on the popularity of her blog and like every employee never gets enough.
She starts to buy more like and followers in an uncontrollable and compulsive way, with the hope of becoming a star. Grandmother Letizia however is also very fragile and stingy .To achieve her goal she never uses her money, but that of her husband who, completely in the dark, discovers too late about the immoderate use that his wife makes of her credit card. Beyond the money he sees disappearing from his bank account, the thing that makes Alfonso more anxious is the fracture created between him andhis wife, with whom he had always shared all his life choices, but who no longer shares his daily life or interests with him.

Iana, a young and beautiful Russian blogger, is followed by millions of followers and known all over the world for her travel format “With the wind in her face”, her new episode in Live-Cam, reaches Moscow. Iana, however, is not like showing that she is in front of the lens of her smartphone. Unlike what you can see in her live broadcasts, the young woman is cynical, ruthless and arrivist in front of the achievement of her goals; she is willing to do anything to obtain for herself all that “media power” and therefore economic.
Attracted by Giorgi a handsome boy met at the disco, the young blogger discovers that the man is the Russian lover of Caterina Mentana a very rich and powerful italian businesswoman, who took over the family business after her father’s death in prison. The conflict between the two “tsarines”, a leader of the modern world and of the web, the other representative of the concrete world and of work, inevitably does not delay in triggering, also because of the handsome Giorgi. The fierce wrath of the two women will find two diametrically opposed ways to materialize and will leave one of the two contenders victim of this unconventional “battlefield”.

When a young Italian man moves to Hollywood to pursue his version of the American dream, he meets his idol, just not in the way he thought he would. This takes a dark twist and questions the very meaning of what the American dream really is.

Luca has planned to surprise his girlfriend Sarah with a wedding proposal during their trip to Lech, a wonderful place in the Austrian Mountains. His thrill of anticipation is getting weaker and weaker realizing that his mobile is not working and misleads him through the woods and mountainous region. His fits of anger are increasing and Sarah does not recognize her beloved one. She flees into her “Selfiemania” –her way to escape the current situation with a Luca who is behaving like a mad man. When Sarah finally decides to run off, Luca starts to reflect and wants to win her back, asking her for forgiveness. An “Ave Maria” in the middle of nowhere supports Lucas ́s plan and he is finally able to get Sarah on the top of the mountain. There is a surprise waiting for her that she has not even imagined in her wildest dreams and will change her life forever.