Before summer comes

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Before summer comes (Prima che arrivi l'estate)

Before summer comes (Prima che arrivi l'estate)

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Prima che arrivi l'estate


Giovanni Fiderio, Danilo Garro, Paolo Angeli


SMK videofactory, Documenta, Frameoff





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Ready (20/07/2020)

Italo lives in Saviore dell’Adamello, one of the highest and broadest villages of the Saviore Valley. It is based in the mountain territory of Val Camonica, in the province of Brescia, nestled in the Adamello Natural Park, where the beauty of the ancient rock carvings and the majesty of the rocky peaks around frame our story.
Italo is a humble man and well rooted in the land he inhabits; he is a soul which questions nature by trying to grasp the messages that his environment sends him, a spirit which understands and breathes the energies that the mountaintops stream along the valley. Italo is a man who ponders on the meaning of residing this Earth, while getting lost in deep silence. He seems to be waiting on to something, while sitting on a bench a little below his colourful dreamcatchers. He gazes to the landscape afar, wondering whether it would rain or snow, just to break the spell of silence once again through the sound of his horn.
While he tends to his daily tasks, he tells the story of how his life had changed after meeting with some groups of Native Americans, Apache first and Lakota after, which he even welcomed in his house: an inner journey which Italo usually lives far from the people of the tribes, but he is always somewhat connected with them, for whom he feels ties of kindred; thanks to this dialogue becoming rite, new meaning are then discovered in the spiritual depths of the mountain peaks, and the sacred nature of the rock engravings in the valley: A dialogue-rite which ultimately celebrates nature as living being. Coming from afar, along different but deeply related paths, their sights will meet again in the summer of 2016. While waiting for this reunion, the passing of time makes Italo’s life a journey. He who slowly and patiently lives through the seasons, enjoying every bit of the cold winter. He who waits for summer to come. He who waits for a Lakota chief to come.