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original title:


directed by:


Claudio Segaluscio, Federico Majorana, Lorenzo Amici, Andrei Cuciuc, Asadul M. Haque, Filippo Marsilli, Mauro Pacitto


set design:

Angelica Morelli, Alberto Gramegna

costume design:





film run:





Ready (21/07/2020)

festivals & awards:

  • Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival 2021: Short Film Competition - Best Film
  • Los Angeles - Italia 2021: The Italian Job - Best Short
  • Sarajevo Film Festival 2021: Passaggi d'Autore
  • La Biennale di Venezia 2020: Settimana della Critica - SIC@SIC - Best Short Film
  • Queer Lisboa - Porto 2020: QL - In My Shorts Competition
  • Incinerante Medellin Youth Short Film Festival 2020: Official Selection
  • Festival MiX Milan 2020
  • IndieCork 2020
  • Munich Queer Film Festival 2020
  • Lovers Film Festival Turin 2020: Short Film Competition
  • Chéries Chéris Film Festival Paris 2020: Short Film Competition
  • Visioni Italiane 2020: Short Film Competition
  • Mezipatra Prague & Brno 2020: Short Film Competition
  • Desenzano International Film Festival 2020: Competition
  • Venezia a Napoli 2020
  • Passaggi d’autore – Intrecci mediterranei Sant’Antioco 2020: Cinema Italiano Contemporaneo
  • Istituto Italiano di Cultura Istanbul 2020
  • Corto Dorico Ancora 2020: Corto Slam
  • Queerscreen LGBTQI Film Festival France 2021
  • Vicoli Corti Massafra 2021
  • Free Aquila Festival Rome 2021
  • Pink Apple Film Festival Zurich Frauenfeld 2021
  • DIGO International Film Festival on Gender and Sexuality Goiás 2021: Out of Competition
  • Fire!! Barcelona 2021: Competition
  • Civitanova International Film Festival 2021: Competition
  • Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival 2021: Competition
  • Figari Film Fest Olbia 2021: Competition - Best Italian Short
  • Visioni ai Margini Cagliari 2021
  • Cortinametraggio Cortina d'Ampezzo 2021
  • Il Varco International Short Film Festival Pescara 2021: New Italian Authors
  • Visionär goes Copertino 2021
  • Mompeo International Short Film Festival 2023
  • La periferia raccontata dal cinema 2023
  • Cinema Troisi Rome 2023: Short Films Retrospective Simone Bozzelli Queer Wave Cyprus Nicosia 2021
  • Sicilia Queer 2021
  • Brixia Film Festival Brescia 2021
  • Gender Border Milano 2021
  • In the Palace International Short Film Festival Pernik 2022: Italian Focus
  • Shorts Mexico 2022

Rome. Claudio is 15 and someone is writing on his forehead “J’ador” because he smells girlish. That’s Lauro, the 18-year-old leader of a group of youngsters that call themselves fascists and do a lot of things for a far-right political party. Claudio wants to go with them to the “dinner” organized by the party section, but one can only attend if he’s part of the group, and cry-babies are not allowed. If he wants to achieve what he wants, in just one afternoon Claudio has to lose his baby scent and start to smell like a man.