50 - Santarcangelo Festival

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50 - Santarcangelo Festival

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50 - Santarcangelo Festival


Roberto Bacci, Antonio Attisani, Motus, Ermanna Montanari, Silvio Castiglioni, Mariangela Gualtieri, Silvia Bottiroli, Fabio Bruschi



Mammut Film, in collaboration with Santarcangelo Festival, with the support of Emilia-Romagna Film Commission





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Hundreds of performances, theater troupes; myriad encounters, words, passions and regrets, clashes. From the political theater of the early 1970s to the theater troupes and ‘Third Theater’ of the ‘80s ; along with the actor’s theater, performance theater and up to the No Theater Festival: the festival of the arts at large. The Santarcangelo Festival perfectly reflects the changing trends in the performing arts in our country and plays an important role in our artistic, political and social history.

Director's note:
We work with collages, emotional associations - at times classical, at times borrowed from pop culture - between music and images, sounds and poetry, faces and short tales of everyday life. Locations speak volumes, like archives, or people. Santarcangelo Festival is a mosaic started fifty years ago, which we decided to put to the test, on film, for this historic anniversary, so that mosaic - of a city, a community, and an ideal - will live on over the years. Theater is every civilization’s buried demon.