On the Front Line

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On the Front Line (In prima linea)

On the Front Line (In prima linea)

original title:

In prima linea


Isabella Balena, Giorgio Bianchi, Ugo Lucio Borga, Francesco Cito, Pietro Masturzo, Gabriele Micalizzi, Arianna Pagani, Franco Pagetti, Sergio Ramazzotti, Andreja Restek, Massimo Sciacca, Livio Senigalliesi, Francesca Volpi






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festivals & awards:

  • Nuovo Cinema Italiano Film Festival - Charleston 2021
  • Matera Film Festival 2020: Official Competition
  • Madrid Indie Film Festival 2020: Competition
  • Est Film Festival 2020: Competition
  • International Filmmaker Festival of New York (IFFNY) 2021: Best Documentary
  • Asti Film Festival 2021: Premio Asti Doc
  • Belleville Downtown Docfest 2021: Competition
  • ECOCINE - International Environmental Film and Human Rights Festival 2021: Competition
  • LifeArt Festival  2021: Competition
  • Nastri d'Argento 2021: Selezione
  • Vittoria Peace Film Festival 2021: Competition

The front line told through the lens of thirteen photojournalists, who with their shots showed the hell, the horrors, the suffering and the indelible scars of war. The voices, photographs and memories of men and women become the stages of a physical and emotional journey between past and present. Because the front line is not only where bombs are shot and dropped, but everywhere you "fight" daily for survival.