The war to come

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The war to come (La guerra che verrà)

The war to come (La guerra che verrà)

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La guerra che verrà

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Ready (28/07/2021)

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A terrible war is still being fought in Syria and many aspects of the conflict have been reported in recent years, especially those concerning the enormous price paid by the civilian population.
“The war which is coming”, through extraordinary access to the most dangerous area of the front, describes a reality that on the contrary has been dealt with marginally: the daily routine of regular soldiers in war.
The days of the soldier Barak and his comrades pass slowly, the reality is different from that drawn in the collective imagination; it is made of tiring preparation of trenches, of stakeouts, cleaning of weapons, tales told between fellow soldiers and, rarely, of sudden accelerations and dramas.
Above all, the expectation of the end of the war, of a possible return to civil life or even the hope of going on leave to the family, for a few days.
The documentary describes, through careful and silent observation, a year at the front and reveals the always equal nature of any trench warfare: "The war which is coming is not the first one" (Bertold Brecht).