The Huddle

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The Huddle

The Huddle

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The Huddle

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Ready (31/07/2020)

The Huddle is a documentary about the desire for belonging in its implications and contradictions.
The focus of the investigation is the Irish community with its political, sporting, musical and religious culture. A story that unfolds between two cities that were the scene of the deepest events that marked the Irish community during the twentieth century: Glasgow and Belfast, divided by a stretch of sea but united by the same culture. A “Huddle” is a group action where, generally in a circle, members of a team embrace each other to motivate ourselves, celebrate and organize a collective action.
Feeling one and many at the same time.
It is the symbol of a society built around conflicting drives and rituals, a symbol that finds materialization in various places and situations, such as concerts, marches, stadiums where the protagonists of the film meet to feel like a group, a community.
A chorus of off-screen voices weaves the narrative structure of the film which wants to show, without judgments, the emotional and social strength of values ​​shared by this group of people. There are several personal stories told and the role that these singles have within society: they are politicians, musicians, journalists, fans, IRA fighters and political militants who embody the variety of a world anchored to the football faith for the Celtic Football Club, the film’s true metaphorical and narrative epicenter.
Their portraits and testimonies concur to offer a participated fresco of the human and political affair of which they make themselves representatives, in a very delicate moment for the future of the Irish community, exposed to the return of the ghosts of its past.